Vantage Properties has an experience of almost 15 years and uses a western system, perfectly adapted to the local market. Among its services, Vantage Properties has special property management offers for both individual units (apartments) and large residential establishments. Our clients have the guarantee of undamaged real-estate goods and advantageous realty transactions. Vantage Property carefully selects the properties and the clients, and offers them customised services.

Working with Vantage Properties means that you have an entire specialised team at your service.

Candidate’s file elaboration and the verification of parts
The legal text for the state of play
Direct management of conflicts
Documents elaboration
The declaration for land incomes
Work projects management
Claims management…

All these missions are guaranteed by the rent collector and repayment manager. The professionals from Vantage Properties are at your service with an entire range of options.

Vantage Properties offers the landlord a complete range of customized services accompanied by clear commitments.

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The most...

The correct price

In order to ensure you have the best information in regard to the best renting price and tenant, Vantage Properties, uses the Market Research methods, based on a precise knowledge of the local real-estate market.

Wage and income security.

For you, the Vantage Properties’ Property Manager performs complex analysis on different candidate tenants (stability, solvency), ensures the collection procedure and deposits payments directly.

Your partner all the way !

The elaboration of the contract guarantees the best interest for each part, assistance and information in every situation in regard to mutual commitments and liabilities, and regular technical follow-ups. Your Vantage Properties’advisor will grant you any lease interval for your property.

Property assessment

Cost-benefit analysis, development proposals, financial consulting, taxation, new investments…, Vantage Properties’property manager will offer you customized services that will enhance the value of your property.

Clearer and written commitments.

Because for the Vantage Properties team, commitment is not just a figure of speech, you will benefit of dedicated services. The written contract states each step of the auxiliary benefits that you are entitled to.

Instruments for an efficient communication.

Exterior display for your property, press inserts, display in agency’s catalogue, on our website… Vantage Properties works with a wide range of communication actions in order to facilitate the promotion and renting your property.

Why trust Vantage Properties?

Fair market rent
Guaranteed income and security
Your partner all the way
Valued heritage
Clear and written commitments
Tools for an efficient communication
The quality of services constantly monitored.
The strength and knowledge of an entire team promoting your offer.